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Connecting commercial real estate investors with off-market property sellers

We connect commercial real estate investors directly with property owners looking to sell their off-market property.  This helps minimize the amount of fees.  For a variety of reasons, owners may want to sell their property without marketing it.  We try to find those motivated sellers and put them in touch with experienced lenders and investors.

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Helping real estate owners save a bundle in taxes -- and come out way ahead financially -- through the strategic donation of the property or a portion of the property to a worthwhile 501(c)(3) charity

Despite its strange name, the Bargain Sale is a great tax-savings incentive that has been part of the U.S. Tax Code for over a century.  It can be thought of as being in the same family as the 1031 Exchange and Opportunity Zone investment.  In a nutshell, under a Bargain Sale, if a seller sells a property to a qualified 501(c)(3) charity at an amount below appraised fair market value, then the difference between the fair market value and the sales price is treated as a charitable donation.  For the right combination of seller/donor and property, it helps everyone involved!  We help facilitate Bargain Sales around the country.

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Good, old-fashioned commercial real estate brokerage

In addition to our investment and bargain sale services, we are also a licensed real estate brokerage.  For a fee, we help real people buy, sell, and lease commercial real estate.

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Commercial Real Estate Property Types

Land, Industrial, Office, Multifamily, Schools, Tribal Land

Sales & Leasing

A focus on Buyer and Tenant Representation, especially for the "Mom & Pop" folks

Property Valuation

Property valuation, comps, investment analysis, exit strategies, etc.

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Lease management, lease negotiations, portfolio optimization.

Got Capital Gains Taxes?

Hey Building Owner!  If you own a property with high vacancy and with high replacement costs, and you want to minimize your taxes, the Bargain Sale may be right for you!  When structured carefully, the Bargain Sale can make a seller better off financially than after a traditional sale.  Not only can the seller walk away with cash from the sale, they can also receive a charitable donation that can be used to offset federal and state taxes for 5 years.

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