We buy land --- fast for cash --- no fees, no commissions, and we pay the closing costs

The owner's situation and the property’s situation --- they don’t matter to us.  We are ready to give a fair cash offer.

We help land owners across America who have property they don't want… even if the property needs some help.


Owners sell land for many reasons including:

  • Having to continue to pay property taxes on a property you’ll never use
  • Owning unattractive vacant land in the middle of nowhere
  • Your real estate agent had the property on the market for months and was not selling
  • Inheriting a piece of property and will just never use it
We don't care about the condition...we're interested!
We'll pay in cash for any kind of acreage, including:
  • Farm Land
  • Ranch Land
  • Rural Land
  • Urban Land
  • Residential or Commercial Land
  • It doesn't matter...

Want a fair cash offer?

Wondering how much we can pay?  Our offers are cash, fast, and with no obligation to the seller.  We handle all closing costs.  The seller pays zero real estate agent commissions.  Just fill out the form to generate the offer!

Note that one or more of Civignite's brokers, owners, agents, employees, etc., may participate as an investor / buyer in the transaction with an intent to make a profit.

How it works...

  1. Submit the property by completing the form.  Fill out the form on this page and submit your property.  We’ll automatically receive the information and begin our review process.  We look at county data, recent sales data, and we research comparable properties to determine what we can offer for the property.
  2. We send the seller a cash offer.  We send an email to the seller to present a purchase agreement.  If all looks good, the seller simply sends us a photo of the signed purchase agreement via email and we will start the purchase process with help of a title company.
  3. The seller gets paid.  Once we receive a signed agreement we will begin the closing process and arrange a closing date with the seller. Leave all the work to us to close on this property.  Funds will be sent to the seller by check or wired to the seller's bank account based on the seller's preference!
We don't care about the condition...we're interested!
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